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Google Employees, Adequate Sales and Crazy Investments: New Background -

Google Employees, Adequate Sales and Crazy Investments: New Background –

Jason Schreier has released a feature that highlights some interesting things Background Related to fall Google Stadia, Talks about Adequate sales e Crazy investments It may have covered the fate of the streaming site.

The reopening of Google Stadia’s internal groups was a clear signal of how things were going, but the problems apparently had already begun. Starting from that approach, it tried to challenge the current console manufacturers without a solid foundation to support.

We all remember the disappointments that were launched, in 2019, basically in beta format, with many missing features; The business model that Google has chosen does not offer any benefit in purchasing games for any other site, only really any negative sides.

Bill Harrison.

Schreier writes that sales of hundreds of thousands of units at the launch did not meet expectations, as reported by some internal sources. This is the fault of the unfulfilled promises made when Bill Harrison talked about a site that was more powerful than everything else, as well as the opportunity to enter the game with a simple click.

The developers of the internal teams responded diligently to these reports because they were aware of the situation in terms of ready and available features and exclusive games for Stadia. Also, Harrison’s approach is very different from Google’s traditional one, whose goal is to “think big, but start small”.

Significant investments have been made to the tune of millions of dollars to keep titles such as Dead Redemption 2 and Ubisoft Productions on the list. In the meantime, however, internal growth continues with time that does not coincide with the urgency of making something important available immediately.

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