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Google Chromecast gets the real YouTube app

Google Chromecast gets the real YouTube app

Thanks to the latest update, the Chromecast key can finally easily stream your YouTube content to the screen while at the same time navigating the smartphone using the remote control.

Source: Unsplash / Christian Wiedige

Source: Unsplash / Christian Wiedige

It was time, one would be tempted to say. Owners of the first Chromecast can finally use YouTube easily on their HDMI key. So far, only Chromecast with Google TV Thanks to the smooth interface, applications and especially the remote control.

The new update used by Google will allow you to use YouTube as a real application of the old Chromecast, as its smartphone has been replaced by a remote control.

Your smartphone has become a remote control

Google announced this on its Twitter account on YouTube “YouTube Apps on Your TV”. This made YouTube the first processor to work on Chromecast devices, with a dedicated interface. But everything is well hidden.

Do you watch YouTube on your TV with Google Chromecast? You can use your mobile remotely to send and control YouTube apps on your TV. Here’s how:

– TeamYouTube (TeamYouTube) December 3, 2021

This will make it easier to use your smartphone to browse your subscriptions, watch recommended videos or access playlists. For that you need Chromecaster Content from your smartphone to the screen at the press of a button. Suddenly, the touch pad is displayed, and there is a virtual remote with a mic button and a back button for voice control. This is the latter, which displays the interface of the application on which you can go.

Significant development for the Chromecast Ultra and the 3rd generation, until then it allowed its videos to be streamed one after the other from a smartphone.

On the other hand, you can not Use your smartphone to reduce or increase the volume Due to a legal issue with your Chromecast. But you can also rely on remote controls via HDMI-CEC to control your HDMI key.

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