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Goodcome Empire: The tenth birthday is approaching

Goodcome Empire: The tenth birthday is approaching

The anniversary should definitely be celebrated on a large scale. And what is the best way to do it? Well, with gifts. All players who reach at least Level 6 receive an event startup package and a small sports cosmetic. If you’ve been playing Goodcam Empire since the beginning, you can expect truly chic castle decor.

There are also events. However, you should not expect anything unusual here. Another meta event will run in the Goodcam Empire until September. This means you will fight with nomads, samurai and allies in personal invasion events, collect points and get rewards this way. There will also be another collection event where you will fight with other players over a valuable resource.

A new update of the Goodcam Empire is also pending. This includes, among other things, combat search providing monuments to 70s level soldiers instead of the epic equipment that seals your cargo. There will also be daily updates on the Lords’ seasonal schedule and changes to the Explorer Tower. Research is redistributed to make it easier for newcomers to understand how they are progressing. And don’t worry: it won’t reset anything, no one can take away from you what you’ve already explored.

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