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Goodbye WhatsApp, dropping the app altogether: Here are the reasons

Goodbye WhatsApp, dropping the app altogether: Here are the reasons

WhatsApp, the most widely used instant messaging app in Italy, is becoming a memento for many users who decide to drop it for Telegram.

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A section close to divorce Between users and WhatsApp. Changes are not always appreciated and instant messaging The news provided in recent times is not appreciated by many. This is why many people cancel the account to switch to another application. Telegraph. It is interesting to identify the reasons for the choice of users to say “goodbye” to WhatsApp day by day. Knowing the reasons, in fact, we can all decide whether to take the same step or give it another chance.

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Farewell to WhatsApp

To save the relationship with users, WhatsApp is enabled Many interesting features Come Listens to messages at double speed Or the ability to disable chats in the archive when new messages arrive. So the app tries to attract attention to convince people not to close the account.

Despite the efforts, many users have definitely decided to change and switch to Telegram. Let’s talk about an app Almost identical Its main purpose is to allow instant messaging with friends, acquaintances, relatives, and co-workers. Considering the great similarities, what are the reasons for dropping one application in favor of another?

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Let’s find out the reasons for giving up

The main reason for the change in messaging usage is related Privacy. In fact, in the first months of 2021, there were rumors of an update to the app, according to which WhatsApp may have used user data. Send them to third party sites. This privacy breach has alarmed users of the Green site, and many have decided to try Telegram before realizing that this information was sent by Facebook, the owner of the app.

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Here is another reason to remove, not just privacy

Despite understanding that privacy is secure, there is another reason why some users switch to Telegram. The problem faced concerns Many scams You can go to WhatsApp. The latest fraud discovered is related to Green Pass, but there are similar cases as well Theft of a profile photo that has worried users. To avoid annoying situations, many people choose to remove from the green platform with the subsequent installation of Telegram, in which the percentage of frauds is only 5%.