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Goodbye to Netflix, account sharing: What users are at risk for

Netflix is ​​ready to fight against account sharing. Now users take a big risk: let’s look at all the penalties at risk.

Colossus New Activities Red Hastings (via screenshot)

Bad news for all subscribers Netflix Those who share the offer with friends. In fact, the video streaming giant is ready to stop the occurrence of shared accounts. So, soon, there will be a new interruption Italy, Only with a shareable profile Among members of the same residential category. So when we share our subscription with our residents, we blindly try to encourage multiple family users.

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So the US company is trying to limit this widespread practice, which affects the 10% of people who use the app. Reporting numbers, we talk about it 10 million subscriptions Not subscribed. However, despite this, a Red Hostings No shortage of receipts In fact, only in the second quarter, the multinational company was able to budget well. $ 7.43 billion, With Ben 1.54 million new users. Encouraging numbers especially if you look at the ever-growing competition.

Netflix, activities for shared account holders: Tests are underway in Italy

Netflix program
First setback for streaming site users (via web source)

In March 2021, Netflix Introduced first installment checks for everyone who shares their subscription Video streaming site. In fact, the giant began to send the received code Email or SMS Check accounts. Also, only the main account holder will receive this code, so it will be difficult to send it to other users who use the same subscription.

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To verify that there is no trick, Bhima can Access your users’ IPs, Verifies that Both accounts reside in the same house Name. If the user tries to break the rules multiple times, there is even a risk Disabling the service. To use the service as a couple, it is not necessary to be relatives, but it is enough to live in the same house. The crisis is approaching as Netflix seeks to increase the number of subscriptions it has received in the third quarter of this year.