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FSBA, come scaricare la CU 2021

CU 2021, FSBA Instructions Download Guide

Through the ‘Unique Certificates Download Guide’ of 9 April 2021, The Bilateral Solidarity Fund for Crafts Announced how to access Unique certificate Of services provided in 2020.
In particular, the guide targets workers who receive direct benefits from the FSBA for employers by 2020.

Who can access the Synaweb system and download the CU

The system can access:

  • Workers;
  • Companies;
  • Service center consultants;
  • Regional bilateral organizations.

How to Download 2021 Single Certificate

As for the methods of accessing the computer, the system registration process is complete சினாவேப் After entering personal or personal data, “CU workers“By clicking”Download Tamil“. தி Download Tamil Of the document sentRevenue Company in .pdf format.

Likewise, the document is also available Financial drawer Of financial management.
Single certificate data is usable Notice Income Pre-compiled Within the terms defined by the Revenue Company

Reporting errors and changes

Anything mistakes They can be reported to a dedicated address [email protected] Specifies

  • Worker’s tax code
  • Incorrect data
  • Correct data

Finance only announces Differences It will be addressed in the following cases:

  • Invalid tax code
  • Incorrect name and / or surname
  • Incorrect amount

Problems accessing the system

If you have problems accessing the FSBA system, it is recommended to write to it [email protected] Specifies the following data:

  • பயனீட்டாளர்;
  • The email address used when registering;
  • There was a problem

CU 2021 and FSBA Faq

The FSBA reports two Faqs on providing the download guide for CU 2021:

  1. Why are 365 days reported in the CU?
    Taking into account that the Cu model allows only one value to be inserted Corresponds to single limit periods, the regular period 01/01/2020 – 31/12/2020 was used, resulting in a value of 365 days. During the notification phase, the values ​​can be updated continuously with the other queue of the announcer.

  2. Field 1 Why does the amount declared as “income from employment and equivalent to permanent contract” differ from the amount received by bank transfer?
    The amount shown in the section in question is the sum of the amounts withheld at a base rate of 23%, which is 21 “withholding tax”

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