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The M4 in Milan will be the first metro line in Europe with 5G

The M4 in Milan will be the first metro line in Europe with 5G

Agreement between Call e M4 Spa Official time. Milan will be the 4th line 5G networks across Europe have full coverage. You have decided to set up a plant for a company active in the field of electrical and telecommunication infrastructure (towers). The (Distributed Antenna System) In the M4 series starting from the section Lynette-Forlanini. The Invit plant will support the latest generation networks by receiving signals from various operators active at the Blue Line (M4) stations.

The city of Milan has been re-established as a pioneer in the field of technology development. This plan guarantees a unique service beyond 86 million passengers It will travel in the Linnet-Forlanini section from the moment of inauguration. Work will continue in parallel to lay the underground line for a distance of 15 km, estimated result In the first half of this year.

“The M4 will be equipped with a dedicated micro-coverage network that will enhance the signal reception of various operators, and will enable passengers to use smartphones, tablets and PCs quickly and efficiently. We are proud of this next phase of INWIT in the name of innovation. The agreement with M20 marks a great step towards the future in line with our 2021-2023 business plan. This is how our commitment to enable digital infrastructure in the country to support mobile operators continues. The M4 will become Europe’s first 5G ready metro, thanks to Ivy’s DAS system, He announcedGiovanni Ferico, Invit Managing Director.

See Invit’s ambitious plan installed Micro antenna Can adapt to any environment. The most important message Very low electromagnetic emission , The program will be implemented in health facilities throughout Italy.

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