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“Good morning and goodnight” fake on WhatsApp

New ones are always born and we tell you about them. Here is another hoax on WhatsApp.

Don’t Believe Good Morning on WhatsApp –

“I warn you there will be no Good Morning and Goodnight pictures on WhatsApp from tomorrow.”

Now every month has its own hoax and even in October WhatsApp is full of fake messages. While fake messages do not carry real viruses, they can still do little damage.

The phrase that comes around in chats is a classic way to spread unnecessary warning among those who don’t know much about these stories.

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Although this is a very simple cheat job to find out, many users continue to fall for it. The chain begins “Xiao” And continues “If you do not already know, a new rule will come into force soon.”. Basically, the sender warns you not to say good night and good morning with photos from tomorrow. For this reason, it will send us a notification as well. Apparently, the chain has some fixed elements, Like a notification to notify all contacts on our list, So do not open and send morning and night photos.

The reason? It seems that some hoaxes are actually viruses that shape our cell phone. Obviously, fake news calls us cautious because everything is so dangerous. Fortunately, many scams are intercepted and reported by users, who then spread the word in the editorial offices of national news programs and warn the entire public.

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However, we recommend that you ignore this and other similar messages because they are precisely viral as they find fertile land.

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If we fall victim to a hoax again, we can count on it bufale.netThe first true trial service for free citizens was developed by Denbookers Claudio Michelisa and Fabio Millella. This service operates on citizen notification and, after accurate analysis, reports results through targeted articles with specific tags: buffalo – defect – real news – clarification – analysis of progress. The team was made up of professional and neutral debunkers.

This service has been active since 2014 and can be consulted at any time.