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Godfall: Challenger Edition - PS Plus users storm against counterfeiting

Godfall: Challenger Edition – PS Plus users storm against counterfeiting

Waiting too soon PlayStation Plus Leak Combat Loot title in December God fall Promised. Instead, you get a scaled version called a Godfall: Challenger Edition Appears.

The Godfall: Challenger Edition It looks like it’s completely disassembled, leaving you with Story Mode and the only extension that existed so far, offering only end-game content to PlayStation Plus users. Who is complete God fall– I would like to get the gaming experience and then upgrade to the deluxe version, which usually costs 59.99 EUR.

After a somewhat failed release God fall So on the PS5 you want to impress the players with a small free offer to buy some. This naturally makes PlayStation Plus users sad and they are already fighting against it.

In the comments you can read, among other things:

“I was looking forward to getting this game on PS +, but I did not go anywhere near this ‘demo’.”

“Why do they give us an incomplete version of the game? Why not publish a version with the campaign?”

“Thank you for providing us with the demo version of this game. I was looking forward to playing the main campaign, but you decided to give us the Gimpet version.

“I’m not going to bother saying that on PS +. Really bad move gearbox and Sony.”

Disappointment can be felt throughout, they do not want to find a kind of demo version. Of course, it remains to be seen whether the gearbox and counterplay will impress.

Some fear that this example will set a precedent in the future by attracting users with slim-down versions via PlayStation Plus. You do this right away when brand new content is released, but not yet with content related to the demo.

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The only good thing in Godfall: Challenger Edition Sees endcom content said to be better than actual campaign.