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After Roy cuts the regional news, director Kaiser downloads ... - News

After Roy cuts the regional news, director Kaiser downloads … – News

Following the decision of the CEO of Roy Carlo Fortes Close night editions of regional news, Tuesday 30 November and Wednesday 1 December A press release was read in all editions of Tgr (also in Slovenian and German). Director Alessandro Cassar He is accused of defending his warship Remove messages Cuts.
“In recent weeks, the TGR has been at the center of attacks by a competing television network and has been described as a newspaper ruled by vain and professional shortages. None of this is true,” the quote was deliberately omitted. Remove messages. A bizarre omission of those who are supposed to be champions of the completeness of information.

However, Pinuccio is eager to reiterate that he does not have it Not talking about professional disability. “We at Roy Scoglio 24, Fortes’ arm division for cuts, have been told that the night version of the Tgr will often be equivalent to 19:30 and cost 6 6 million a year,” the reporter said. Undress Broadcast from Roy’s headquarters in Corso Sembion, Milan. To this day There are more than 20 lawsuits against him on public television Undress, All won by satirical news. For years some Roy journalists wanted to censor the voice of criticism Undress, Not tolerated Reports of inefficiency and harmful waste to taxpayers. Definitely an intimidating approach Can not be accepted From service that should be public.

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