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God of War: Shows a video game from a new perspective

God of War: Shows a video game from a new perspective

YouTube has released a video showing a speculator Mod Per God of War, Which activates a Different camera For the adventures of Kratos. Speckleyser is not new to this type of content, and has worked with other Sony specials such as Detroit: Big Human and Marvel’s Spider-Man. You can watch Modi’s video of the battle for God above, which will “spoil” some parts of the plot, beware!

The video only shows a few shots with a different camera, some first person Vision of Kratos and Atrius. Some intimate moments between father and son are emphasized by this model, which we must admit.

Apparently this view, although interesting to watch, Not ideal for the game. Not only because the combat system (not shown in the video for obvious reasons) was not created for the first person, but above all it prevents the dramatic movements of Gratos and Adrias.

Anyway, this is an interesting experiment and should be rewarded with Speckler’s technical effort. Finally, recently, I read the episode for PS4 written by Corey Barlock, the father of the Code of War series.

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