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Hot Wheels Now Unleashed * Nintendo Connect

Go to Badmobile, Robin! Batman Extension for Hot Wheels Unleashed Released Nintendo Connect

Post-release project The hot wheels were unleashed Accelerating After Main Game Release: Today Milestone is releasing the Batman extension, a brand new DLC with content from the DC Universe specifically dedicated to the legacy of the Dark Knight of Gotham.

The Batman expansion brings with it plenty of new dynamic content – including a brand new career map inspired by Batman’s iconic hometown of Gotham. In addition, all fans and drivers can expect a breathtaking new environment with many new tracks: Batcave!

DLC includes five more, Themed vehicles: Penguin, Robin 2.0D, Armored Batman, Batman Reebok and Joker GT. New Vehicles New Track Builder module, Joker Funhouse Split and many more items from the Batman universe can be tried directly.

The Batman extension is included in Hot Wheels Pass Volume 1 or can be purchased separately from today.

The hot wheels were unleashed Offers players the opportunity to play with cars just like real small (PS) projectiles. A large selection of bright hot wheels vehicles with adrenaline-charged racing and various attributes and rarity, athletes can additionally be adorned with skins. Breathtaking routes are set in everyday environment and come with special way pieces and interactive materials. Revolutionary track editor is a very special feature through which players can create their own, unique and changeable ways and then share them with the community.

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