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Go.  Click: You will want to sort!

Go. Click: You will want to sort!

Sort out, activate CLIIINK in front of the terminal, throw away your glass containers, collect points and win prizes! To do this, you must first download the app on your smartphone.

CLIIINK is the noise made when the glass is blown at the terminals for recycling.

CLIIIINK is the sound of coins falling into a piggy bank.

CLIIINK is an integrated, fun and innovative tool that rewards users’ glass sorting gestures.

For each glass container placed in the terminals, you will receive points that can be accumulated in the CLIIINK application, either on your smartphone or on the card collected from the agency’s integration. These points will be redeemed for promotional offers from local partner merchants.

There are many sections in the app to find out all about the simple eco-friendly practices of sorting and controlling your environmental impact!

So tell me!

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