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Giulianova, Download Street Art Notice to Redesign via XXIV Magio - Latest News

Giulianova, Download Street Art Notice to Redesign via XXIV Magio – Latest News

Giulianova. The Lido District Committee is encouraging the participation of artists and citizens in the redesign, taking into account the availability of municipal administration in implementing the resolution of the Citizens’ Assembly held on July 8, 2020 on the “street-art” project. Stairs via XXIV Magio joining via Veneto.

“In line with the municipal regulation for public participation, and for the shortening of time, a tool has been developed to involve artists – as noted by the group’s head, Gracia Corini – with the public announcement of the creation of a panel of experts. , With the aim of fostering a sense of love and belonging, to implement paths for social harmony and active citizenship through art.

Therefore, the Concerned Committee for the Establishment of a Working Group (or Schedule) of Neutral and Volunteer Artists issued a public notice, with the task of developing one or more art proposals in question, including new research to replant public greenery in the affected city within the framework of the entire area, including cities around the city. Includes free associations dealing with the conservation and development of wood resources. Participation in the initiative is voluntary, free and open.

Click and Download Notice: General Notice x Stairs

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