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Finally my dream came true!

Finally my dream came true!

I asked myself why not in a post of mine HomeKit widgets?

Awesome App called Home Widget!

With the introduction of iOS14, Apple gave users the option to create so-called widgets. These are practical panels in three different sizes. This makes it easier to control the application. For example, you can see at a glance what dates you have entered in your calendar.

Really very practical. However, Apple considers HomeKit control not to be used as a widget. For any reason. You already have one for me Replace Demonstrated how to control your HomeKit in Control Center.

But now there is a new application called Home Widget. This allows you to add a large number of widgets to your HomeKit device and quickly make calls from the main screen without having to open the Home app.

The application offers another advantage because through the application you can mix different controls with each other.

Unfortunately, there is a catch in the application. Without the Pro version, unfortunately, you are much less in use. You have the opportunity to try the app for 49 cents a month. You can save a little money with your annual subscription or always get the app for € 8.99! If you are very interested in the application, please comment and I will write a detailed report about it!

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