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Ghost's My Goblin Resurrection - now available for the Nintendo Switch

Ghost’s My Goblin Resurrection – now available for the Nintendo Switch

Solve the demonic realm yourself in the Ghosts My Goblins resurrection now available as a digital download from the Nintendo Eshop for the Nintendo Switch. Goblin resurrection of demons The iconic Capcom series Ghosts is a modern remake of Goblins, complete with beautiful storybook-like graphics and challenging action-platform gameplay. The new entry of the famed franchise finds the fearless Knight Arthur in a terrifying new adventure inspired by the original Ghosts n Coblins and its sequel Coles n Ghosts.

To advance in the resurrection of Ghost’s Goblin, Arthur must go through successive stages in each zone of the Demon area. On the way to save the princess and restore peace on earth, Arthur must confront terrible enemies such as the Skeleton Killer and Red Armor, along with deadly bosses such as Cyclops, Cerberus and Arthur’s long-time arch-enemy Demon King Astroth.

Ghost’s Goblin Resurrection offers eight different weapons ranging from reliable Lance to new weapons such as hammer and sharp ball. New to the series is the mysterious Umbrella Tree, which Arthur can use to learn and improve a variety of writing and skills that will help him in his quest. Arthur has the weapons, magic and skills at his disposal to defend against enemies and to take the princess home for protection.

This new entry in the series introduces for the first time the local collaboration of two players in the Ghosts n Coblins universe. Friends and family may have joined Arthur in one of three sub-characters in the quest for evil: Barry, creating barriers to defense; Kerry carrying Arthur through danger; And Archie building bridges to cross.

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Both novices and arcade lovers can fight through the demonic realm by choosing one of three difficulty modes: Skyr, Knight and Legend. The brand new page mode allows newcomers to respond on the spot with unlimited life. Goblin fans of Seasonal Ghosts will find themselves in new and familiar territories, with “grave” -like levels, lurking zombies at every turn, and “hidden caves” where some enemies can only be seen in complete darkness. Tired adventurers notice: Arthur does not end the journey when he defeats his final boss. Like the Goblin titles of Classic Ghosts, Brave Knights will discover a whole new world of horror and enemies when you play for the second time, with new challenges and changed levels.