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Ghosts is a new horror FMV game that only airs at 10pm - Live 4. Life

Ghosts is a new horror FMV game that only airs at 10pm – Live 4. Life

Demons A new horror game FMV that can only run at 10.00 pm. (Local time). That’s right, the idea of ​​this new game is that we can only play at a certain time. It comes to PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch companies on February 22, 2022, and will be released by Limited Run Games. But let’s look at some more details.

Demons The host is written and directed by Jet Henderson, the author of the 2020 horror film. Most of the cast of the film will be part of the Ghosts along with the director. The plot revolves around a TV producer – controlled by the protagonist – Friedivi, part of a failed broadcast network. Ghosts is expected to be the new main show, a show that was once popular among ghost favorite home lovers. From what we can understand, we will look at everything from the manufacturer’s camera perspective and decide what to do, thus affecting the story. The actors will be targeted by a dark force called the “Long Lady”.

Not a lot of details, but it is said that there will be “no floating words or light doors” inside the ghosts. Our actions will have an impact on the lives of the characters, and it seems that playing carefully will not always be the best choice. If we leave the game, the characters will die, Frankly. Looks like there’s a way to get a version that can save your progress so you can play in multiple sessions. Unfortunately, this plan is now mysterious and does not clarify every playful detail. If we log in before 10.00 pm, we will see a fixed screen and there is nothing we can do.

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The idea of ​​a horror game that only works in the evening is interesting, of course, but We have the idea that this will be a limitation rather than an advantage. This is unique on an advertising level, but in practice it eliminates all potential buyers who may not like or play in the evening. Nothing to wait for new information about Ghosts, perhaps with a game video.

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