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Boston Dynamics robots trained with the French army

Boston Dynamics robots trained with the French army

Saint-Sir Special Military School trained with several robots, including Boston Dynamics’ dog spot.

Credit ESM St. Sir Codecan

Will tomorrow’s armed conflict see robots clash? After the U.S. Army, it was the turn of the French Army to train with the autonomous machines of Boston Dynamics. Slightly specific training conducted by Saint-Sir Special Military School (ESM) at Yvelines on March 30th and 31st. In a tweet shared by the establishment, we were able to actually find military trainers Many battle scenes, This involved various robotic machines, in particular Spot, Boston Dynamics Dog. Objective, Commander Jean-Baptiste Cavalier explains: Measure the added value of the robots during the collision. Thus, each exercise was carried out by the students twice, they must first develop their own, and then receive the help of robots.

If the spot, four times its robot Boston Dynamics is not about to be militarized, Recently assured its creators that the American dog was qualified to ensure the backs of military students during their many trainings. The latter, not only benefited from the unparalleled balance, but was actually able to open doors. An important asset to urban conflicts is that in this case the robot is equipped with Cobro cameras attached to its rear, which allows it to send images to human troops left behind.

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Some points to review

Asked by Oyster France via the Safety Lines blog, several students who took part in the exercises talked about the benefits of robot assistance during a fight. However, machines are not yet ready to replace humans in this field: despite their recession, some are suffering Limited autonomy. This is especially true in the case of a dead spot in the middle of a land attack.