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Ghost of Sushima: Directors Cut features new content and bonuses for the PS5

Image: Sony

Sony’s samurai game is expanding on the cut version of the director of Ghost of Sushima. The developers insist that the improvements are based on critique and feedback. The new version also takes into account the technical capabilities of the PlayStation 5.

Open World Action Games will be available in the new version for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 from August 20th. It sees itself as an extended full version, so it covers all the content and many inventions that have been published so far for the Ghost of Sushima. According to the developers, on a new island, Iggy, a new story related to the protagonist’s traumatic past will be told in August. Sony promises new environments, shields, mini-games, techniques and rivals.

PS5 can do more

Sushima’s Ghost: The director’s cut is also said to make better use of the PlayStation 5’s technical capabilities. They allow you to combine Japanese lip-sync. In addition, the game will provide haptic feedback via adapter and use adaptive stimuli. Loading times, 3D audio, resolution and frame rate should also benefit.

The director’s cut version of Ghost of Sushima will not be updated for free, but owners of the main project will be given the option to upgrade for purchase. The operating system is not a bar: even on the PlayStation 4 version, an upgrade to the director’s cut version on the PlayStation 5 can be purchased. Switching from the old version to the new console is always free. The score can also be changed.

The purpose of the director's cut is to provide
Purpose of the director’s cut (Image: Sony)

At the same time, photo mode is integrated into both consoles, expanding access to the control buttons, and creating the opportunity to switch target aids in battle. In addition, the stem can be covered. Regardless of the director’s cut, the link to the basic version of the game will also be released. A new co-op game system will be released for all versions. More information about “Legends” is coming. Weeks to follow.

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