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The team has been replaced by Azopy on the Japanese studio official website

The team has been replaced by Azopy on the Japanese studio official website

I PlayStation Studios I am in turmoil. In recent days, division head Hermann Hulst has announced two significant acquisitions. However, not only new inputs in the overhaul, a Farewell. As has been said several times over the past few months, Sony has shut down Japan Studio. A farewell was given by the official PlayStation Studios website, which replaced the historic developer’s logo with Team Azofi.

With “brain drain” from the studio that closed last April, the news shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as we already knew the end of Jim Ryan and Hermann Hulst. However, this is unmistakable news, as Japanese studios are directly or indirectly responsible for games such as Ape Escape, The Legend of Dragon, Igo and Bloodborne.

So, a talented team, but not always capable of creating blockbusters and releasing games on a regular basis. Two elements, ordered to close, are given Comparison Naughty Dog, Gorilla, Insomnia and New Acquisitions, a studio that specializes in PC ports, and Return’s studio interspersed with sacred monsters such as Housemark.

On top of that PlayStation Studios official site Taken from the location of the Japan studio Team Asobi, The developer behind Astro’s playroom, is a team that must somehow get the creativity and talent out of the historic Japanese studio.

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