Earlier this month, Google announced that it was rebranding the G-Suite to workspace and examining new and unrecognizable – icon designs for some of its applications. The first app to get the new logo was Google Drive a few days ago, and now Gmail is following it. Say goodbye to the red and white envelope and say hello to the colorful M that partially retains the letter shape.

The new icon has been added to Gmail’s v2020.10.04, which is slowly being released on the Play Store. If you want to speed up the process, you can manually capture the APK from our sister site, APK Mirror. Both versions are available, but you must Hold on to the universal Works on every Android 6.0 device and above, regardless of processor and screen resolution. It’s easy to install through your current Gmail app and requires no fixes.

(However, if you feel particularly adventurous and have a compatible Arm 64 V8A or V7A device with 320-640dpi, you can download Application bundle And use the APK Mirror app to install it. Nobody knows you, but you got some special geek credit.)

Once installed, the new icon should be taken not only in your app launcher and various menus but also in the notification bar. You can see the new M notification icon in the screenshots above. It takes some habit, but at least it is still red.

With it, another Google app completes the transition to an inseparable mix of blue, red, green and yellow stripes. If you have a folder dedicated to the Google apps I made, I wish all the luck in the world in finding what you are looking for as soon as possible.