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Get started with the iPod Pro 2021

Get started with the iPod Pro 2021

As soon as we got out of the Apple Store and we didn’t open it, we started playing Two new iPod Pro 2021. 11 “format and 12.9”, this year, marked the difference by using a mini-LED screen.

During their testing we will dwell on these two tablets, we first took a look at this new screen in large format and tried this new function called center frame, where the camera follows the moving movements in front of the screen during video conferencing.

customers l’iPad Pro 12.9 “ Are they really going to be better display (mini-LEDs) than 11 “(LEDs)? Answer Yes. This is not always obvious, but in some specific but common cases the difference is significant.

The 12.9 “panel, also known as the Liquid Retina XTR (Liquid Retina for 11 and its predecessor), can display very deep blacks, brighter images and more noticeable colors. Can push for nits or even 1600 knots in HDR content, but only on certain areas of the screen.

You do not have to go very far to see the difference between the two tablets. Show or play content built into the dark bars, which are very dark gray on 11 “but black on 12.9”. In the latter, we are not in the place where the physical black bars of the screen frame merge with the image, but we approach it, while in 11 “both parts are very clearly identified.

Mini-LED on the left, LED on the right

If you’ve ever had an iPhone with an LCD screen and an LED screen on one side, this is the effect of these two iPods. 11 “‘s user will not be sorry, but if he had the opportunity to compare his tablet with the bigger model, he would be able to draw a jealous rage …

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Photo rendering magnifies the difference between the two panels, but it is still significant in real life

In some photos, the difference is surprising. Here again, this does not seem formal. But when an image takes advantage of this variation and enhanced brightness, it fills more from the screen. The details are well marked and the colors are very beautiful. This is where the shot feels like it was taken with another light. I tested that in both cases I show the same photo on both tablets.

Mini-LED on the left, LED on the right. Notice the difference in the black color on the sides and the details of the stone on the facade

On this black background of the mini-LED screen you can see a flowering effect (or light leakage around these characters) that creates a kind of diffuse halo, with white threads (or subtitles). In this case, the comments were so divided within the team that one saw them clearly and the others did not notice any particular visual problem. See also application.

Centered frame

Among the new software features of this generation, the center platform function or cadre is centered on the French language. Video conferencing applications can use it and it is currently used in FaceTime (see also On the iPod Pro M1, the zoom makes you center).

The front wide-angle camera always tries to configure the subject in front of it (it runs automatically by default, but it can be disabled in coastal conditions), this way we regain a certain motion during video meetings. It is very well done and feels fast enough to be natural.

What if there are many of you in front of the iPad or someone briefly enters the domain? Well, the frame will expand immediately so that both subjects are visible and then focus on the main point once you are alone again.

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Finally, we can not forget that for the first time these iPods use a processor like the Mac, M1 generation (8GB for models with storage up to 512GB and 16GB for 1 TB or more).

The quick tour of Geekbench reveals the same results as those obtained during testing MacBook Air And MacBook Pro M1 chip. That’s about 1,700 points for the Single and 7,300 for the Multicore for the CPU and less than 22,000 for the GPU test, which again corresponds to the high average of laptops.

We ordered New Magic Keyboard on the trackpad White (9 339 for small iPod, 9 399 for large). The combination with the iPad is successful, this light color is elegant, which visually illuminates the pair formed with the tablet. With this clear support, the iPod seems to be suspended in the air more than its equivalent in black.

One detail in passing, fits exactly into the previous version of this new iPod Pro Magic keyboard. First, a note distributed locally to Apple stores indicated to sellers that there would be incompatibility, and then Apple Publicly denied His earlier warning.

Regarding this accessory, Apple recommends in its user guide, “ Avoid prolonged contact with other materials, otherwise color transfer may occur “Notification for blacklisted users, black version still available …