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Giovinazzi, una sosta necessaria

Geovinaci, Required Stop – Formula 1

Antonio Giovinci wrote a solid performance in the first home race of the season. The Italian was battling with his Alfa Romeo up to twenty times for the points finish due to a problem with the braking system. As explained to Geovinassi by his track engineer, the debris blocked the air intake of the right rear wheel, posing a risk to the driver’s safety and the real risk of not finishing the race. There was a technical problem with the brakes It forced me to go back to the pits for an extra stop. “, Apulian explained at the end of the race.

Supporters of Geovinassi wonder if the Alfa Romeo could not have continued to try to beat the first points of the quality bearing season, but Prembo explained the dangers of blocking air intake, Thus explaining the need for suspension.
The air intakes of the brakes, commonly known as brake ducts, have different channels used to supply air to cool the individual components. The blockage of one of them therefore leads to a rapid rise in temperature, which is immediately recognized by the team’s technicians to the information provided by the car’s multiple sensors.

Geovinasi: “We are indebted with luck”

Reducing the amount of air to the braking system leads to various problems, the first manifestation of which is connected to the fluid in the hydraulic circuit, which allows the operation of the brakes by transmitting the riding force on the pedal. By calipers or, in the case of the rear brakes, by the actuator Break-by-wire. Excessive rise in temperature leads to the phenomenon Steam lock, Which will identify Boiling and subsequent evaporation of the liquid, Gradually reducing the rider’s ability to use the hydraulic braking system.

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Part of the brake duct sockets are also power Ventilation holes, Under the action of the centrifugal force the channels are arranged radiologically into the disk through which air flows outward from the center. As a result of accurate CFD studies, ventilation holes contribute significantly to disk cooling. Disruption of the distribution channel causes a sudden rise in disk temperature beyond the optimal operating range, between i 350 ei 1000. C.. Excessive heat stimulates the oxidation of the lubricating material, accelerating the corrosion of the disk, which in a short time, can consume external air until it reaches the internal ventilation holes, and now we see the component explode.

Aluminum calipers, on the other hand, appear to be more flexible to overheat as temperatures above 200 C are rarely recorded, which keeps the premo set warranty limit below 210 C. However, problems with the hydraulic fluid and disc would have been enough to get the Italian rider to rest quickly., Fernando Alonso was ruled destined for similar reasons during the Bahrain Grand Prix, when his alpine air intake was blocked by a sandwich paper.

Decisive choices
The events of the first two seasons bring to the fore the central feature of modern single seats, but often they go unnoticed by the public. Show how many problems Antonio Giovinassi and Fernando Alonso had Managing the braking temperature can make the difference between solid performance and compression. In addition to the reliability of the car, the configuration of the brake air intakes affects the aerodynamic resistance and temperature of the tires, by regulating the heat transfer between the braking components inside the wheel and the rubber.

Prembo: 2021 is full of challenges and news

The configuration to be used in each Grand Prix has become an integral part of the definition process, With teams engaged in the search for optimal compromise with aspects and effects of performance unrelated to braking behavior. Teams with premo components can choose from six different specifications for front disks. In detail, Very High Cooling, High Cooling and Medium Cooling versions are available with 1480, 1250 and 800 vent holes respectively. Each of them gets a specification with the machine about the outer diameter of the disk Groove, Capable of further improving cooling capacity. On the back, the available options are high cooling with 1250 holes and medium cooling with 800 holes.

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Prembo reveals that the tracks most needed for brakes are Montreal, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Mexico City, while teams on tracks such as Silverstone, Suzuki and Interlogos face problems against overheating. In fact, under these conditions, the air intakes are actually partially made, preventing an excessive drop in the temperature of the components that lead to their starting Polishing, I.e. verification of the friction material.

The problems with Fernando Alonso in Bahrain and Antonio Geovinaci in Imola remind us of how much more different the protection of the framing system can make in Formula 1, although what happened to the two Alpine and Alfa Romeo drivers was out of control. Pilots and teams. However, even unexpectedly the reaction of the wall was seen to be decisive because the Spaniard was forced to retire, Alfa Romeo’s response allowed Geovinassi to reach the finish line. In the final twenty laps, the race was spared from unforeseen events, which would have allowed the Abulian driver to get into the fight for points, but Antonio was put in a position to seize any opportunity. “We are in debt with good luck”, The loan, which is to be collected in two weeks in Portimavo, is Italian, he said.