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General strike by CGIL and UIL against the maneuver of dragons.  Voices from the Squares Between Members and Critics - Radio Onda d'Irto

General strike by CGIL and UIL against the maneuver of dragons. Voices from the Squares Between Members and Critics – Radio Onda d’Irto

Thursday December 17

It is the day of the national general strike of CGIL and UIL. “Together for justice” is the slogan of the day mobilizing against the government’s economic maneuver, which is defined as “not enough” by both unions. Taxation, pensions, industrial policies, the fight against relocation and insecurity, health care, self-sufficiency and school are all important points in the crosshairs. Not working all day and all over the country – except for school, health, environmental services and the post office – Five events, attended by thousands of people: Barry, Palermo, Cochlear, Rome and Milan.

In 2020, the number of employees and self-employed was 25,630,000, which is slightly higher (+ 0.3%) compared to 2019. The average annual income from work has fallen sharply to -6.0%. About 95% of employees claim to be monitoring INPS staff and independent staff who coordinate data. Compared to 2015, the employment increase was 2.3%.

You work harder, but you earn less, Economic maneuver is estimated to be insufficient by CGIL and UIL, which is in addition today General strikeHas also organized demonstrations in Rome and Goggle

iari, Palermo, Bari and Milan, Rosangala from our editorial team attended and collected some items from Milanese Square. Listen or download.

CISL will not strike, Which takes to the streets on Saturday in support of Drake. CISL ended today in the eyes of the judiciary. Milan’s Gdf confiscated more than 600,000 euros, according to a lawsuit filed by lawyer Pavlo Story, alleging that “some unions” misused “unpaid union leave” against Lombard CISL and INPS. The investigation revealed that “many unionists, while working exclusively in the unions, were not employed there and were duly hired by compliant companies” and that this would only allow the unions on which they depend to benefit from the contribution relief.

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Wednesday 16 December

We asked Giorgio Airaudo, secretary of Fiom-Cgil Piemonte.Listen or download

To receive an update on the dispute over the 106 workers at Waltrimplina from Timken’s Presia Enzo Grosi RSU Fio. Listen or download.

Strong and confusions and criticisms come from grassroots unions. Si Cobas is also taking a stand on tomorrow’s general strike. “Despite the temporary conditions – explain the union – and the almost forbidden material environment, we will continue to do our part tomorrow: we will strike an autonomous base in the metalworking sector and some logistics chains”.

We have collected several records: Emidia Poppy National Administrator USB Listen or Download, Alessandro del Si Cobas Listen or Download and Ruggero Adl Cobas. Listen or download.