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Gemma Kalkani makes a tough decision: reason annoys the web

Gemma Kalkani is the heroine of both men and women. On the path to love, she faced many obstacles, it was not over yet, now, she had to make a painful decision.

Gemma Calcani-Ultranodicia

Gemma Kalkani The undeniable character of the show. His story with Giorgio Manetti was much talked about on the internet, a few days later, shortly after, a New shooter.

A famous and rich man, he broke the heart of the wonderful woman of Turin. Unfortunately something went wrong and the final decision was reached. Here is what happened.

Gemma Kalkani, background

The parterre The male renews himself and the blonde Gemma meets a new supporter: his name Massimiliano Gostable Also, in this regard, there is not much news. It is only known that he travels a lot, his favorite place is Sharm el Sheikh and he is interested in diving.

The spark between the two started immediately and they met outside to get to know each other better and feel more relaxed. At one point, the first and longest kiss between them was released, which seems to have lasted sixteen minutes. This is not to the liking of the author Tina Cipollari In the studio, she openly stated how much she was disturbed to see two kisses as she was eighteen years old.

Well argued, there is nothing wrong with that Gianni Sperty On the contrary, it expressed a positive opinion. Despite the ongoing fight between Tina and Gemma, The The lion Love continued until Gemma stepped back, Saying that he was no longer interested in her.

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When Massimiliano tried to stop her, claiming that she had made more important gestures than simple love messages, for example, inviting her to an Egyptian place, Gemma was stubborn.

According to rumors, it appears to be theirs History There is Now it has come to an end. Gostabil has come to the conclusion that Gemma is not in the process of looking for love, but in order to make her last on TV, so every time she thinks about it, every time, she makes all her supporters run away.

An obvious farewell with a bitter taste, gives the initial excitement. Is it really over or is there still hope? Meanwhile there is no costable and the columnist pointed out that there is one “New chair”. We are waiting for new updates, perhaps, who knows, the arrival of a new lawyer who can transcend all the uncertainties of Gemma and assure her.