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Der Gamescom 2021 Xbox Stream steigt bereits am 24. August 2021 (Abbildung: Microsoft)

Gamescom 2021 Xbox Stream: News from Microsoft and Bethesda

Gamescom 2021 Xbox Stream Increase August 24, 2021 (Image: Microsoft)

Before the official launch of Gamescom: Opening Night Live, Microsoft is launching its own Gamescom 2021 Xbox Stream.

As one of the three largest console manufacturers, Microsoft has confirmed its participation in Digital Gamescom 2021. The Virtual exhibition Officially on August 25 (Wednesday) with a show hosted by Geoff Kaylee Gamescom: Night opens live, But the Xbox manufacturer has already started the day before – Tuesday.

Because on August 24 at 7pm German time, Gamescom 2021 Xbox Stream, managed by Paris Lilly and Kate Yeager. For live broadcast via Web light, Twitter, Torque And Facebook Gaming Microsoft has announced a number of updates to previously announced games from Xbox Game Studio, including “Partner News” – games that will be released before Christmas 2021. The Xbox Game Pass must also be the forerunner of important newcomers to the flat rate game.

Bethesda Gamescom, a Microsoft subsidiary, is hosting a multi-day event starting Thursday (August 26). Mainstream – Frankfurt / Main, location of the German Bethesda branch.

Also planned: Xbox Gamefest’s “Gamescom Special Edition” – a combination of online events, raffles and promotions. If you are interested in the event and have an Xbox account, you can On this website Register for free.

During GameScam, Microsoft conducts sales of digital Xbox Gamescom with discounts of up to 75 percent on select Xbox and PC games.

Gamescom 2021 will be held in full digital format from 25 to 27 August: Live streams are scheduled, Performances And online offers – All offers are free, so private individuals do not need tickets. You can find an overview of participating game manufacturers Here – A list of confirmed game titles is available Here.

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