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Games with the best graphics of the year?  I belong to the PlayStation in the Digital Foundry rankings

Games with the best graphics of the year? I belong to the PlayStation in the Digital Foundry rankings

When a new generation launches, we all expect a big graphical leap. That is not a case Graphics are always an expensive topic For gamers who are happy to find photorealistic titles, others have choices of effects and direction or art direction that will give the eye its coveted part.

That’s why channel experts Digital Foundry They decided to draw their own Ranking of 10 games (+1 bonus) with best graphics in 2021, Explaining the reasons behind their choices and crowning the most advanced technology sectors in the last twelve months.

In particular, DF Explained Identified the first 3, From all the games mentioned below Consider any particular order, Without a precise hierarchy – it would have been difficult to find distinctions to compare them all.

Was to win third place Return, Exclusive PS5 Housemark Company, Which is mesmerizing Digital Foundry For the unique situation of the best personality and the ability to lend with its graphic field to the art direction.

Silver goes amazing Lego Builder Travel, Including an interesting indie project We talked to you several months ago, According to experts, demonstrates what happens when aesthetics combine with the ability to exploit taste technologies – because the objects in the game’s small scenes are not only real, they function as they were.

Ratchet is Digital Foundry’s best graphics game of 2021

Finally, take home the desired gold Ratchet & Clank: Prift Apart, The exclusive PS5 was released at last summer’s view. In this case, both experts rewarded the work of insomnia games, how the game cleverly uses cinematic effects such as motion blur, combining them with tons of granular details and real-time application of radiation-tracking to reflections. In all of this, 60 FPS manages to stay consistent, with excellent optimization.

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Therefore, the platform is compiled as follows:

  1. Ratchet & Clank: Prift Apart
  2. Lego Builder Travel
  3. Return

However, the others that complete the top 10 proposed in the video you see in the article embedding are listed below:

  • Forza Horizon 5
  • Updated version of Metro Exodus
  • Guardians of the Marvel Marvel
  • Deathloop
  • Metroid fear
  • Boom
  • Citizenship Evil Village
  • Kana: The bridge of spirits

Notice that there are many projects that do not have generous budgets Boom e Kana: The bridge of spirits, Which gains recognition as an expert channel in the technical fields of video games.

Let’s see depending on who will win in this challenge Next year, We will see new important products trying to follow the canons of the new generation – arrived at the end of 2020, but still handbrake operated in the direction of the cross generation.

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