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Business Opportunity for IoT Security and Telecommunications Companies (Download Report)

Business Opportunity for IoT Security and Telecommunications Companies (Download Report)

Telcos is uniquely positioned to deliver IoT security solutions to companies, which is a way to build a trusted critical relationship with new corporate customers.

The European Union Institute for Cyber ​​Security (ENISA) Defines IoT as follows “The web-physics environment of interconnected sensors and actuators that allow for intelligent decision making”. Informed results for machines, objects and spaces in which connected objects operate. Through this network of tightly interconnected web-physics systems, IoT lays the foundation for a variety of applications such as smart cities, smart industries, smart agriculture and more. The problem is that all of these interconnected objects magnify the area of ​​potential cyber attacks and risks.

Microsoft IoT Signals: Download PDF Report

Complex task

In fact, securing IoT is a very complex task that involves very specific steps. In other words, without a person responsible for protecting all IoT, a lot of skills and experience are required. Many players in the ICT distribution chain are involved in this work.

According to the survey Microsoft IoT Signals, Already conducted on a sample of 3,000 companies using IoT, and by 2021 91% of respondents say they are concerned about IoT-related security. 29% of respondents did not measure their IoT solutions due to security concerns, which obscures the potential benefits expected. 55% of respondents thanked IoT and 23% thanked IoT, acknowledging that IoT has a direct impact on revenue growth due to the variety and amount of information collected.

IoT is becoming an important asset for companies and needs to be protected.

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Opportunity for telecommunications companies

Securing corporate IoT also needs to be transformed into a business opportunity for Tlc companies. As?

For telecom operators, this opportunity may not always translate into new revenue without knowing it directly, but it is important to build trust between IoT service providers and users. This trust, built by IoT Security Services, provides a strong foundation for building new revenue-generating services beyond the merger.

Strong position telco

The report further argues that by creating comprehensive analytics services on existing IoT platforms, mobile network operators are in a strong position to bring that confidence to businesses. As operators expand their security offerings from the well-known security features provided in the link layer – almost in conjunction with one operator – to more sophisticated security services through the IoT framework, they too can position themselves as partners and mentors for companies. In their security needs.