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Game-ready driver from Nvidia in the new version

Game-ready driver from Nvidia in the new version

With the game-ready driver 471.96 WHQL, Nvidia offers better support on some games.

If you have an Nvidia graphics card installed on your computer, you may need to update the driver regularly. After all, the driver takes care of the connection between the graphics card and other parts of the system. In this way, optimization performance can also be improved. In the GeForce Experience program, you can customize multiple PC games to your own configuration with a single click. The driver selects the most appropriate configuration for the game in question. Currently more than 1,000 games support this feature. With

Game Ready Drive Version 471.96 WHQL
A new version that can be downloaded for free has now been released. This includes one-click updates for 24 games. These include “Aliens: Fireteam Elite”, “Car Mechanic Simulator 2021”, “Quake Remaster” or “Syconats 2”.

Nvidia Driver 471.96 WHQL fixes many more bugs and adds support for six new G-Sync screens. Unfortunately, some recent games, including “Battlefield 5” or “Deathloop”, still cause problems with the latest version of the driver, but only when the HDR display is enabled. Artifacts may also appear in “Section 2”. If you already have the GeForce Experience program installed on your computer, you can download the game-ready driver directly. Alternatively, it also offers the Nvidia file

Available as a single download
. The new driver for GeForce graphics cards weighs 121 MB.

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