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Game Informer - Presented as Hollow Infinite Game of the Year by

Game Informer – Presented as Hollow Infinite Game of the Year by

The halo is infinite Given as Game of the Year Gives Game Informant: The American newspaper Xbox has recognized the great value of exclusivity, which was excluded from many competitions due to its fact that it was only published in December.

In a review of Halo Infinite, we talked about the many benefits of the 343 Industries Shooter, which manages to propose a framework. Open world However, without leaving out the atmosphere and dynamics, it always determined the brand’s character and its success.

Game Informer has released its top 10 gods The best games of 2021, Let’s see it:

  1. The halo is infinite
  2. Deathloop
  3. Citizenship Evil Village
  4. Return
  5. Metroid fear
  6. Life is weird: true colors
  7. Forza Horizon 5
  8. It takes two
  9. Inscription
  10. Psychonates2

So Hollow Infinite snatched first place from the amazing Deathloop (reviewed here), which managed to beat the exceptional survival horror Resident Evil Village, thanks to the new setting and gothic style inspiration.

Unusual Return (review), Housemark’s rogulite shooter created exclusively for the PS5, ranked fourth in the game’s Informer’s Top 10, followed by the episode Android Tread (review), which restarts the Nintendo series.

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