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WhatsApp is an application that allows you to read vowels instead of listening to them

Good news for everyone who does not like voice messages on WhatsApp. In fact, it is possible to read them rather than listen to them. Here is the trick that everyone was expecting.

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Starting from the computer, via the tablet, up to SkillsWe have many technological tools at our disposal that allow us to communicate with friends, relatives and companies at any time, even if they are geographically distant from us. All the tools we all use now and highlight their usefulness especially during the locked period.

In the life of these services, it is undoubtedly one of the most used and appreciated services Share. It is full of features that make communication easy, and often there is something unpleasant, that is, annoying Voice messages. However, by relying on the latter, some good news finally arrives. Thanks to a simple trick, in fact, it is possible to read them rather than listen to them. But how to do it? So let’s go into the details and see everything you need to know about it.

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Among the most known and appreciated instant messaging applications, now send messages both written and by voice Share It has become a daily habit for many. At the same time, there are risks. This is well known to those who try to use this app to spy on the conversations of others. Precisely for this reason, some time ago, we looked together How to find out if someone is spying on us on WhatsApp.

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Powerful to offer innumerable functions, WhatsApp is constantly introducing new options to use this processor more and more intuitively and intuitively. This includes Voice messages, Will be sent to us immediately by friends and relatives for various types of communication.

In many cases they are short audio and in others, they are long and annoying voice messages. Whether you like it because you are busy at work or people around you do not like listening to audio, what you do not like can happen to everyone. To ask.

Thanks to this app for reading instead of listening to voice messages

Precisely in this area, it would be interesting to know that instead of reading voice notes on WhatsApp, it is possible to listen to them. Thanks for this application TranscriberAvailable for both iOS and Android devices. Can Turn audio into text, Finally lets you know the content of a voice message without having to ask for it.

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To do this, click on “Share” and select the Transcriber application icon from the pre-installed options on your device. Text transcription at that time and be able to read it. Especially a tool Useful for those who do not want to hear voice messages, But still wants to know its content.