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Galaxy S21 5G Series - Samsung Newsroom Samsung Answers User Questions About Germany

Galaxy S21 5G Series – Samsung Newsroom Samsung Answers User Questions About Germany

Many features of the new Samsung smartphones were unveiled at an event that did not open earlier this year. To answer potential, more open-ended user questions, contact DM, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business. Rowe, EVP and Chairman of the Customer Experience Office Patrick Somet and KJ of the Mobile R&D Office of Samsung Electronics. Kim has chosen. New Master-Series re-accepted.

What is Samsung’s smartphone strategy for 2021?

TM Rowe: 2020 is about change – mobile technologies can connect us to each other. Our priority this year is to continue to access our technologies for many. At the Galaxy Unpacked event, we presented our most powerful and versatile flagship series to date. From modern technologies to the full product range to highlight the almost professional camera and video technology functions of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. We use our extensive collaboration with other partners to add value to the daily lives of our users. For us, a new era of mobile ecosystems includes seamless networking at home.

What are your sales goals for the Galaxy S21 Series 5G?

TM Rowe: The new Galaxy S21 5G series has various advanced technologies. Initial feedback from distributors and partners was very positive. The new design, high quality camera and strong performance of the smartphones were very popular. We hope that the inclusion of the Galaxy S21 5G series and the Galaxy Butts Pro and Galaxy Smart Tag in the Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem will spur the growth of the product category.

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The S Pen can now be used with the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. What does this mean for the Galaxy Note series?

TM Rowe: We are committed to mobile technology, which connects seamlessly to each other to make life easier for users. That’s why we decided to extend the use of the S Pen to the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. We will continue to consider feedback from our users when creating our products.

Galaxy S21 Series 5G is targeted at which target group?

Patrick Somet: The Galaxy S21 Series 5G is designed for users who use their smartphone to capture and share the world in which they live. With a sophisticated camera system, a fluid, high-speed display and a brilliant battery, the Galaxy S21 Series 5G offers you many opportunities to talk to people about important things.

Users can edit photos, video chat with loved ones and enjoy a mobile gaming experience with friends. In addition, Samsung Knox has strong performance, long battery life, 5G connectivity and high security of your data.

Why did Samsung decide to remove the headphones and power adapter from the Galaxy S21 5G series?

Patrick Somet: And more and more Galaxy users already have the appropriate accessories at home. So we decided to do without the extra power and headphones on our latest Galaxy smartphones.

We hope that emitting electricity and headphones in addition to our devices will help reduce electrical waste.
Samsung has been using the standard USB-C charging port since 2017, so these chargers are still compatible with our current Galaxy models.

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What is the focus of developing the Galaxy S21 5G Series camera?

KJ Kim: Our goal is to help users take high quality photos and videos regardless of lighting conditions or the distance of the object. When developing the Galaxy S21 5G Series camera, we focused on delivering results supported by our device-built-in AI. To do this, we have developed several modern technologies – starting with an advanced image sensor. The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G features our most advanced camera system, which is sure to win the hearts of photographers and tech enthusiasts fast.

Why is seamless connectivity so important for users and how does Samsung do it?

KJ Kim: We believe that the ecosystem of network and intelligently communicating devices can significantly enhance the smartphone experience. It enables access to information, simple communication, smart working methods and a wide range of entertainment options. We want to further develop this mobile experience – whether people are at home, in the office or in the car – to stay in touch with their loved ones and share their favorite content with them.