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Full information about Kagarot

Full information about Kagarot

Another announcement from the Nintendo Direct Special E3 has been made through a trailer released by Cockroach Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe.

We know the game is available in 3 versions:

  • The standard edition of the game and the first two “A New Power Awareness Parts 1 and 2” DLC. Part 1 follows Goku and Vegeta’s training with Visu to achieve the transformation of the Super Zion God (red hair) with a boss fight against Beirus. As for Part 2, “F Resurrection” will take back the structure of the film and confront Freesa in her golden form (Golden Freeza).
  • The deluxe version will offer the same game with the same DLC, but with a “deluxe cooking item” and especially the DLC “Trunks – Warrior of Hope”, which will take the best OAV “story of trunks”. This is C17, C18 and… cell! Will allow you to play as the trunks and cohen of the future against.
  • Finally, the Ultimate Edition integrates all of the above-mentioned content (Sports + All DLC’s) but offers the “Ultimate Cooking Item” instead of the “Deluxe Cooking Item”, a collection of music. As a new and original operating mode of the game, Tao Boy Bie’s post (containing a reference to the series’ regulations).

A pre-order bonus is also planned (regardless of the apparently selected version) and will allow you to receive:

  • A new sub-search: “Match between friends”
  • A training session with a bonnet specially designed by Akira Toriyama for the event.
  • A “cooking item” that enhances your attack points and health.
  • 10 T-medals.

Live the story of Dragon Ball Iz, whether in epic moments or in the light side quests, discover some parts of history that have never been revealed before, thus providing answers for the first time to questions about the Dragon Ball universe that burns fans’ lips!

Play wars that represent a generation as before. Fight through vast destructive environments and enjoy epic battles against cult enemies such as Raditz, Freeza, Cell … Power with RPG game dynamics and accept the challenge that awaits you!

Don’t just fight as Warrior Z, live like them! Make friends with the biggest characters in the Dragon Ball universe and fly, fish, eat, train and dive in different sagas.

Find the full trailer there:

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