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From the 20 thousand vials of Figluvolo, the center in Mongalieri will be closed

From the 20 thousand vials of Figluvolo, the center in Mongalieri will be closed

A lesser center for vaccines. In fact, in August, something set up in the Mongalieri fort closes: initially to vaccinate Arma’s soldiers, and then open to the whole population. Basically the weighting is dose-free, which keeps the countryside in Piedmont at the edge of the razor. It is not surprising that the potential of other ASL city tour centers is also higher than the current vaccine presence. As for Moncalieri, we are not talking about closingFinal: Not necessarily. According to the health agency, the vaccination center will be ready in consideration for reopening in September. Also, the contract with Rail Muda at the end of August and the contract with Lavasa Center expires at the end of September. In short: we will see. Above all, it will be a question of understanding to what extent the call for a commission structure led by General Figliulo can be accepted, that vaccination centers in the regions should be gradually relaxed, and administrations transferred to general practitioners and pediatricians.

In the case of vaccines, for those who wish to obtain them, good news came yesterday: General Figliulo has integrated 20,000 doses of Moderna into the August distribution, which will be delivered on the 3rd.

Meanwhile, infections in Piedmont are on the rise (yesterday 229) and the prevalence of the variant delta (now it is 96.4%), which for now is not hospitalized. Six people were hospitalized in the intensive care unit (+1 compared to Friday). 69 (-3) patients admitted to non-critical hospital. On the other hand, there was a sharp increase in the number of homeless people: in 10 days, 11-21 July, they doubled from 676 to 1,121.

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