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FRITZ for AVM FRITZ!  OS 7.25 is released!  Box 7590 with home office focus and lots of features -

FRITZ for AVM FRITZ! OS 7.25 is released! Box 7590 with home office focus and lots of features –

Fritz! Box Manufacturer AVM Today Fritz! New Fritz for the Box 7590! OS 7.25 is released. FRITZ! Update for OS 7.25 All FRITZ! Brings more than 70 new functions and improvements to products. For streaming video conferencing or your favorite series, for digital learning or gaming enjoyment, the update brings many new benefits to users and all fridges! Provides extra stability and protection. New FRITZ! OS 7.25 German and FRITZ! Available for download for international and A / CH versions of the Box 7590. All current FRITZ! Updates for the products will be released gradually. FRITZ! FRITZ update for OS 7.25! Box can be started with a single click through the user interface. AVM recommends that all users check for updates for other FRITZ! Repeaters, Powerline or FRITZ! Products like Fon. These updates are FRITZ! The box will also be displayed on the start page. More information about this update can be found below or at Supermarket.

Download -> FRITZ! FRITZ OS 7.25! Download to Box 7590

With each update, AVM improves security, so it is recommended that every user do the update quickly. Fritz! Fritz for the Box 7590! Update for OS 7.25 now Fritz! The box is available for download via the user interface and from AVM. Call FRITZ! Box User Interface -> Enter in the web browser and login -> Click Help -> Update -> Start the update by clicking New FRITZ! Search for OS New FRITZ! Follow the instructions to get the OS.

FRITZ! Update for OS 7.25 is now available for download from AVM:

FRITZ! FRITZ with OS 75! New features with Box 7590

  • The right way in the home office – can easily implement computer priority for internet access.
  • Phone displays weather forecast on start screen!
  • FRITZ! “Wake / Sleep” light array for DECT 500 and compatible DECT LED lights.
  • Great room climate with FRITZ! DECT 440 – Moisture is easily visible.
  • Fritz! Smart Home now also supports compatible roller shutter controls.
  • To the fax machine attached to FRITZ! Box: Journal for received and sent faxes.
  • Many improvements in the user interface for using the phone book, call redirects and call modules.
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AVM starts with FRITZ! OS 7.25: Free update for FRITZ! Home office-centric products and lots of amenities

Below you will find a complete list of new functions FRITZ! Can be found in OS 7.25

  • The Right Way in the Home Office – Device Priority for Working at Home: Users can now easily prioritize their home office notebooks or computers in particular. Because this function now Fritz directly for the network device! The mesh of the box is presented in perspective. The device is preferred when using the Internet if the Internet connection is fully utilized. This can be very useful in video conferencing.
  • Simple Parental Controls – What’s New in Parental Controls: Controlling online times and accessible web content is now even easier. FRITZ now offers parental control tickets that allow overtime windows! Box interface can be better managed. Tickets can now be marked as “Distributed” and all tickets can be reset.
  • Easy Manage Phone Calls – High Transfer Quality with Mobile Communications: For Flying Phone Calls, Update FRITZ! The box enables several improvements to make the phone easier to operate and configure. This includes a completely revised set of call redirects and call modules. In addition, the transmission quality for phone calls to wireless remote sites with poor wireless connections has been improved. Edited phone book management, among other things, allows you to copy and move entries between different phone books. It helps to separate personal and professional life.
  • Better tuning method for better WLAN: With more and more devices in the home network, the demand for WLAN is constantly increasing. FRITZ! OS 7.25 includes many extensive improvements for even better mesh WiFi. For example, the auto channel selection in WLAN has been further improved so that streaming, gaming or home education works reliably on many mobile devices.
  • Weather Information at FRITZ! Fon: FRITZ! Fon has a new start screen that displays current weather information and a forecast for the next few hours and days. Overall, users can now opt for FRITZ! You can choose between nine different start screens on the phone.
  • Hotspot and Response Machine On / Off: Wireless Guest Access and FRITZ! The box’s answering machine is now FRITZ! The DECT 440 can be easily turned on and off with the wireless button. FRITZ! In addition to App WLAN, the user interface and FRITZ! Fon, FRITZ! Box users have another way to quickly deliver WLAN hotspot to guests. In the future, during the lunch break or at the end of the day, all you have to do is press a button and the answering machine will be active.
  • Measuring Humidity with FRITZ! DECT 440: Smart Button FRITZ! The DECT 440 can now measure and display not only temperature but also humidity. Value FRITZ directly! At DECT 440, FRITZ! In the smart home app, FRITZ! Fon or FRITZ! The box will be displayed in the user interface. Users will get a message here if the humidity is high or low. In this way, a better indoor climate can be ensured at all times, which is very important if you want to spend more time at home.
  • Data Backup for Internal Memory: FRITZ for Images, Ringtones or Voice Messages! The internal memory of the box is backed up. In this way, the relevant data can be easily stored, for example, the new FRITZ! Will be transferred to the box.
  • Fritz! Box LTE models receive an SMS press and SMS sending function: Fritz! Box LTE models have significantly improved SMS support. In addition to the new sending function for SMS, there is now a new SMS journal that lists the received and sent SMS messages. The push service for SMS can now also be used for the SMS sending function.
  • Fax journal and optimal configuration: Fax is even more important, especially in the business environment. At the request of many users, a new fax magazine has been integrated, which summarizes the received and sent faxes. The configuration of the internal fax machine is now possible at a focal point for sending and receiving. Additionally, opening received fax documents is now Fritz! The box automatically deactivates the signal of newly received fax via LED information.
  • Supervectoring and Long Distance VDSL: DSL Models Fritz! With Box 7590, connectivity with supervectoring connections (35b) at DSLAM remote stations is further enhanced, while long-term performance-Reach VDSL is enhanced.
  • Support for the Companyflex Business Phone Platform: Support for the CompanyFlex Business Phone Platform from Deutsche Telecom is also new. Fritz! OS Now Company Flex SIP Trunk Fritz! Use with the box, Fritz in place of the company! The box also allows you to use companyflex cloud numbers.
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