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Free instead of 2.89: Every Android user needs this convenient app

Free instead of 2.89: Every Android user needs this convenient app

Auto-Rotate Control Pro is an Android application that allows you to control the automatic rotation of your screen between portrait and landscape. The app is currently available for free on the Google Play Store for 2.89.

  • The Auto Rotate Control Pro offer expires in 13 hours
  • No in-app advertising or in-app purchases
  • Auto-Rotated Control Pro received a 4.2 star rating based on 988 reviews from 50,000 downloads.

You can download the convenient processor that any Android user can currently use in the Google Play Store. This is because the “Auto-Rotate Control Pro” can set or activate the automatic rotation of the mobile phone for certain applications. It usually only works on apps and systems.

I’m not going to waste three paragraphs describing how Auto-Rotate Control Pro works. In particular, with Android you can automatically change the screen from portrait to natural shape and back again. You can also disable this automatic rotation. Tap the icon on the bottom left of the screen to rotate the image.

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Auto Rotate Control Pro does exactly that, you can set up each (compatible) application individually.

The user interface of the auto-rotation control pro is minimal and clear. The application allows you to change the settings of each individual application via the notification area. The selected system will be saved automatically without opening the application. Of course, without advertising or in-app purchases.

The user interface of Automatic Rotation Control Pro meets all the requirements / © Next bit

The automatic rotating control pro was developed by the Japan-based HTML Dev team, who have already developed a number of tools (voice recording, blue light filter, screen recording, etc.). All are rated with at least 4 stars. In Data protection The developer claims that he collects your “Google Ad ID” for analytical purposes.

The developer guarantees that it will not collect any other personal data or deal with third party companies. This is very rare, but the guide is very clear, the developer described each permit required for their application and what they require.

After a quick scan of the application site Only 2 analytics (ie non-advertising) trackers with authorizations specified by the developer were found. The only thing that bothers me personally is the permission to change system settings. It is very intrusive and not very comforting if you do not know the developer. But the developer assured me that his application would only enable / disable the automatic rotation of Android.

What do you think about Automatic Rotation Control Pro? Have you already downloaded the app? In which app categories are you looking for more special offers? Tell me about it in the comments.

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