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Free Games |  Ubisoft: A cult title to download for free before Christmas!

Free Games | Ubisoft: A cult title to download for free before Christmas!

Ubisoft video game of French descent has a unique history in the world. For example today, Is the company Considered bad In the video game field, Is far from its previous pedestal. Led by popular stories such as Assassin’s Creed, The brand then tries to catch up His latest setbacks.

One of Ubisoft’s most popular games is offered for a few days

Suspense no longer lasts: Question free game The origin of Ramon, Ubisoft’s best rated operating system. While the site describes it as a “masterpiece” in its review, the player’s reviews are also raucous. Metacritic puts it below its sequel Ramon Legends with a note 90/100 !

In short, retrieving this great video game will appeal to those who yearn for good times, and nothing can be simpler. Note that this is free on PC only :

  • Log in to the Ubisoft Connect operating system or create an account.
  • Go to this site in the Shop tab and search for the Ramon Origins game (featured on the homepage)
  • Find the game and add it to your library.
  • Otherwise, Go to the Ubisoft site and click Download !

As the title suggests, Ramon Origins is 100% free and comes with a lifetime warranty. Even if you do not install it immediately, if it is taken into your games, it will be available indefinitely.

Epic Games Store, Steam, Studio Stores … Ads and Free Games!

As Epic Games does in its store, the title will be free for life without any time limit. Also note the epic store Also offers a crazy games for Christmas (Including Godfall or Shenmue III, as well as one game a day from December 14th to 24th!).

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On the contrary, you only have Steam fighting to compete in its free titles. Although a great game comparable to Red Dead Redemption is still given for a few days, we should especially look at its seasonal sales.

What to spend a Christmas game, so, on the computer anyway. Console players have to brainstorm, and be amazed that some of the games offered do not thrill the crowd.