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Free games that start directly will continue, and for Sony they will be a hit -

Free games that start directly will continue, and for Sony they will be a hit –

B.S. Will continue to provide Free games Directly In the beginning In the future, Sony will continue an effort that it considers to be the best Success An innovative way to reach far and wide users.

After Bucksnox and Destruction Allstars, both launched for free directly to PlayStation Plus subscribers One day service listSo, it seems that Sony wants to continue on this path for other topics in the future Jim Ryan, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

“It simply came to our notice then Very interesting and innovative way To release games and make them available to our subscribers, ”Ryan said of this method of launching new titles on the PS Plus free game list.

“It works for us as a publisher, it’s a ‘The most loved effort By PlayStation Plus users, “Ryan said in a popular interview with GQ magazine that there has been a lot of news, including the delay of the Gran Turismo 7, the arrival of Days Con on the PlayStation VR2 and PC.

At this point, the rumor that Kena: Bridge of Spirits may be launched directly on PS Plus, which has come out in recent days, takes on more consistency. Although it is only one Speculation, May be the perfect profile to sign out of Sony’s subscription service directly.

Destruction Allstars especially benefited by launching directly on PS Plus

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