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Free for பதிலாக 5.29: Popular Camera App for Android

Free for பதிலாக 5.29: Popular Camera App for Android

Start the next bit of the week with a real premium download! The Program X Camera App is currently available for free download on Android. Not only can you save 5.49 euros, you can also significantly enhance the photos on your mobile phone camera. I tried it for you on Fairfone 4.

  • The popular camera application “Program X” is currently free for Android
  • Otherwise it costs 5.29 euros and is the number 9 most popular photography app
  • Available in 4.4 stars & German from 15,600 reviews

Does your camera phone not take good photos? It may be due to outdated or poorly functioning software! Anyway, the free download for Monday must be installed on Next Pit. Because you get the most popular 9th place Camera applications Android for free on your mobile phone.

The “ProCam X” processor typically costs 5.29 euros and is free indefinitely. This is a real highlight because the app was crowned with 4.4 stars out of 15,600 ratings. Since ratings in the Google Play Store are not always completely reliable, I installed the app once.

Is ProCam X Worth Downloading?

For my short usage test, I grabbed the latest Fairphone. Do you have mine? Test report for Fairfone 4 Read on, you may be aware of an inadequate, pre-installed camera app. First of all, I liked the program X format, which gives you the most important information clearly without obscuring the camera image. Check out the screen shots!

Program X ensures multiple functions and poor design. / © Next bit

I am excited that Program X has many professional functions Real Bringing the camera to the cell phone. Among other things, you can show exaggerated areas with a zebra shape or you can focus on a virtual horizon, a histogram or manual. Various phase lines are also available for image formatting.

Also free for 1 month: Deposit. TV
Nearly 170 TV channels on 5 devices simultaneously

Recordings are much more controlled by the Fairphone 4 than the pre-installed camera app. This is because it disproves or misrepresents colors with the wrong white balance. With Program X, I not only got more reliable results in automatic mode, but also had significantly more control over manual mode.

How Safe is ProCam X Download?

After installation, ProCam X should have access to your mobile phone memory by default. You can also share your location to save geotacs. It somehow makes sense that you should provide access to the camera and microphone (for videos) application.

The developer is called Intermedia Inc. and it is based in Indonesia. You can find one on the homepage Privacy PolicyIt has no abnormalities. In addition to the approaches already mentioned, the data is processed for analytical purposes. According to the Exodus page ProCam X has a tracker – this is Google Analytics Tracker, which is integrated into many applications for usage statistics.

Do you already have experience with Program X? Let me know in the comments!

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