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Free Download: Three Ashampoo Full Versions

Free Download: Three Ashampoo Full Versions

With Ashampoo’s WinOptimizer 2021 and UnInstaller 9, you can free up memory – and then get enough space to take lots of screen shots and cast with Snap 11.

D.He is a German based software manufacturer Ashampoo that offers many powerful projects. Some of them are free, many are free. No problem with our download offer: you will get two free tuning programs here for more storage space and speed. Usually you will throw out a proud penny. On top of that, there is an application for screen shots, which is beyond Windows’ own options for taking screen shots. Tuning assistants ask for names Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2021 And Ashampoo Uninstaller 9. The former is an all-rounder suite for computer maintenance. Use this to regularly clean your computer to prevent it from gradually losing speed. WinOptimizer can also be uninstalled, but it’s better to hand it over to UnInstaller 9 – it’s complete. The jack of all trades for screen shots Ashampoo Snap11 In addition to screen shots, it also generates WMV-encoded videos of what is happening on the monitor.

Download links to powerful programs:

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2021: Tune your computer

Free To Download: Three Ashampoo Full Versions - Exclusively Data Dusting Here © Ashampoo, Computer Built

With data junk, with computer performance: Ashampoo WinAptimizer 2021 can achieve this. You can find it permanently here as the free full version.

With Ashampoo VinOptimizer In 2021 (AWO 2021) you can perform a one-click maintenance that checks your system for optimization capability. It affects browser tracks, defective connections, unwanted active services and autostart inputs, as well as unfavorable computer and security systems. By clicking “Optimize”, the application helps with all of these things. In addition, it collects various personal applications that perform certain tuning tasks. Reward is an elegant, very secure and clear Windows. The Service Manager For example, there is a service administrator that you can use to disable invisible background programs. Deactivating autostarts can be used to increase speed, thereby Startup Tuner Goes hand in hand. Further modules allow deleting programs, deleting browser traces, deleting registry and web optimization (for MTU, RWIN, QoS and Nagle parameters). Anti-spyware function (“Antispy“) And Vin 10 Privacy Control Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and Windows 10 allow you to determine how freely you handle data. Additional modules securely delete files and usually restore deleted files. The Energy Manager Makes changes to power profile settings easy, so it’s an alternative to Windows power options.

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Compared to the previous version 2020, Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2021 has a new design. The color scheme is slightly different, the sections in the left bar are reduced to three inputs. The “All Modules” entry can still be found there. This leads to a range of functions at least equivalent in terms of size. In terms of features, there are two improvements: “Benchmark Center” is included, which modifies the AWO 2020 modules “System Benchmark” and “HDD Benchmark” and integrates their functions. The newly added “Disk Doctor” module in AWO 2021 checks selected drivers for file system errors. This is much more convenient than using the corresponding command line commands from Windows.

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Make a weak PC fit

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Uninstall Ashampoo 9: Uninstall completely

The Ashampoo Uninstaller 9 It has the power to remove unwanted programs completely. Ideally, you should install your applications using the Uninstall Manager: The full version monitors system changes made later. Based on the resulting protocol, (almost) complete removal of newly installed applications is possible. You can identify the logged in software in the uninstaller interface with a small logo and label. You can start paying back with one click. But throw programs out of your SSD or hard drive, even without a protocol: this is done sparingly, but much more subtly than Windows on-board tools. Because in a built-in registry the cleaner searches for the rest and kills them. You call the cleaning elements with one click; This is not required at all: a message window will appear when Ashampoo Software detects the uninstallation performed via the Windows Control Panel (appwiz.cpl). Here’s what you call “deep refinement” on a one-click map. Ashampoo Uninstaller 9 lists and removes Windows 10 applications and browser plug-ins from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

Remove data debris for a hole-deep PC wash: Full-scale tuning tools create an extra extra foundation. The Drive cleaner For example, deletes temporary files, error reports and historical and log data. The Registration Optimizer Cleaner in the registry mentioned above. With Internet Cleaner Get some storage space (like a drive cleaner); More than just cleaning up the registry. The Startup Tuner Works as an autostart manager and usually increases the speed increase for PCs. The Service Manager Completes the Startup Tuner, which can disable active computer services in the background. The Undeleter-The model acts as a data recovery tool. The The file shows the associateNo programs are assigned to any format in Windows. With File Viper Securely delete files from hard drive. With Record Defrock Summarize the database in the Windows registry. This frees up space for their hive files, which registry cleaners usually cannot.

Ashampoo Snap 11: Create and edit screen shots

If you take screenshots often, you need a screenshot program Ashampoo Snap11. This package includes all types of recording methods and comes with stylized editing features. If you move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen, a custom menu will pop up when you hover over a line in Ashampoo Snap 11: You can define the recording mode by clicking on one of the icons. You will photograph a window, a rectangular area and a freehand area. You define the latter two visual areas by drawing a marker with the mouse. The generated screen shots end up in the editing area. In a bar on the left you will find tools such as the “marker pen” which can be used to paint important picture objects with yellow paint. You can also insert curved and straight arrows; You can change their color by clicking on their screw icon.

Rare of the software type: The mouse pointer comes in the picture. You can later change the color of the cursor. If you know the print-S-APF key on your keyboard, you can use it for screen shots as well: Ashampoo software reacts to this and moves the fullscreen record to the editing view. Possible storage formats are PNG, JXR, JPG, PSD, SNAPDOC, PDF, WEBP and BMP. The program records videos and saves them in WMV format. Clips include what is seen on the screen – you can use a radio button to record your face on a webcam. If you wish, you can export the clips as an animated GIF file. Such flip books can be run in common browsers.