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Here are what changes with version

The work of the development team of Share e After yesterday’s beta version The time has already come to deal with another new version: in the last few hours, really v.

What’s new in WhatsApp beta version for Android

With this new beta version of the popular cross-platform instant messaging app, a team of developers is coming out with new details on a feature that has been around for some time, and many users are waiting: we are talking about the possibility of using the same account on multiple devices simultaneously (up to 4).

As far as it has come out, the main device does not need to be connected to the Internet, users can trust a special tool to move their chat history between Android and iOS devices, and this new feature may be available early on. For web version only (you need to be patient for a while more when using this on mobile).

With version WABetaInfo It has been found that deleting a chat from the main device or from one of the connected ones does not automatically delete it from other devices that are part of the group.

Before releasing this new feature, users should see if they have the opportunity to choose from a special option (which is still under development) to delete a chat from the device in question or from everyone.

With the server side update, the WhatsApp team has disabled this feature for all testers while talking about the possibility of listening to voice messages using different playback speeds that we told you about yesterday.

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How to download the latest beta version of the app

Update to version WhatsApp beta Android smartphones are already available through the Google Play Store for users registered with the beta test channel (you can find a page dedicated to this project by following This link).

On the other hand, those who are unable to sign up for the beta program but want to try this new version of the app anyway have the option to do so by manually installing the APK file, which can be downloaded from the APK Mirror (find the following exclusive page This link).