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The asteroid, like four Empire State buildings, will approach Earth this Friday

The asteroid, like four Empire State buildings, will approach Earth this Friday

This Friday at 4:26 pm, an asteroid with a diameter of 1.8 km, the size of the universe, will orbit the Earth. According to the special site, 7335, as its name implies, is 4 million km from our blue planet or ten times the distance that separates the Earth from the Moon. NASA has classified it as even more dangerous if the risks of a collision had been ruled out in advance – if it had not deviated from its path at the last moment. This large asteroid is supposed to be “big enough for four Empire State Buildings”.

“It simply came to our notice then. According to statistics, 90% of objects are larger than a kilometer, which is the catastrophic limit if they fall to Earth. To date, the scientific community has identified all of them. We have not been threatened by any of them for at least a century, “said Patrick Michael, an asteroid expert at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). In western France.

76,000 km / h

And 7335 is well known to the scientific community. It was discovered in 1989 by the American astronomer Eleanor Helen, who later worked at the American Palomer Laboratory in California. It has the uniqueness of an “Apollo”, an asteroid orbiting the Sun, constantly crossing the Earth. It will move at a speed of 76,000 km per hour.

NASA says it is the heaviest stellar object out of 29,000 near-Earth objects this year. Astronomers point their glasses at least 20 cm toward the Hydra galaxy. If you do not have the necessary equipment, Virtual Telescope Project Website Will broadcast its observations live from Chile and Australia. Its next orbit near our planet is scheduled for June 23, 2055.

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