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Free apps for a limited time and many discounts to download

Free apps for a limited time and many discounts to download

The week is approaching, and it’s time to enter the Google Play Store in search Best Software Offers. That’s what we did, a collection of apps and games we’ve got for you. Want to save money when your Android is fully equipped? You know better: Download.

44 Free Android Apps

No doubt about it Free apps and games These are very attractive in Google Play offers, which is why they are number one in our collection. Don’t want to spend anything? Enjoy our selection – you will always have it in your library if you download it regularly.


Dark screen filter – blue light – night mode 0.69 euro free
Calculator Locker – Photo, Video, Audio Hyder Pro 9.49 Euro Free
Cash INOUT 1.99 euro free
Nanopool Task Monitor 42.99 Euro Free
Onsite Checklist – Quality and Safety Analyst 5.99 Euro Free
Remember: Learn Italian words with flash cards 4.99 Euro Free
GPS Speed ​​Pro 0.89 euro free
Kanji Number Keyboard 0.50 euro free
Simple Application Locker – Protect Applications – Application Protector 0.69 euro free
NatureAi: Natural Identity – Natural Scanner Euro Euros
Note Recognition – Turn music into sheet music 2.99 euro free
All Currency Converter Pro – Currency Exchange Rates 2.19 euro free
CPU Pro ID 4.09 Euro Free
Window – CPU | RAM | Battery 4.09 Euro Free
From Power Audio Pro ̶4̶.̶4̶9̶ 4.09 Euro Free


Word Flood Pro 1.99 euro free
Clyde – Minimal puzzle game 0.99 euro free
My English Grammar Test: Pasts Pro 2.19 euro free
My English Grammar Test: Articles – Pro 2.19 euro free
Spell Pro! (Premium) 2.19 euro free
Quiet word 0.59 euro free
Magnetic Balls HD 0.59 euro free
Aymond Balls: Match-Three Physics Puzzle 0.59 euro free
Magnetic Balls2 0.59 euro free
Magnetic Balls Pro: Physics Puzzle 0.59 euro free
Lynn, drawn in puzzles 3.49 Euro Free
Project Alnilam 3.59 euro free

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Planets Live Wallpaper Plus 0.99 euro free
Back d’Cinus neon-w 1.09 Euro Free
Lumbre – Icon Pack 1.29 euros free
Vin Circle – Back D’Cinness 1.09 Euro Free
Vin Circle – Back D’Cinness 1.09 Euro Free
Next Icon Pack Pro 1.09 Euro Free
Black glass – Icon pack 1.09 Euro Free
Rugo – Icon Pack 1.09 Euro Free
Flex UI – Icon Pack 1.19 euro free
Ramka Frame – Icon Pack 0.99 euro free
X Pack – Pack D’Cinness 0.89 euro free
Kuttikon Hexa – Back D’Cinus 1.49 euros are offered
Rui – Icon Pack 1.69 euros are offered
Win 10 Flat – Back D’Cinness 1.19 euro free
Circus – Icon Pack 1.09 Euro Free
Glass Neon – Pack D’Cinnes 1.09 Euro Free
Blocks – Icon Pack 1.29 euros free

Less than 59 Android apps

Let’s go with Applications and games are provided, The best package we found at a discount. There are some great software out there, especially games – you will definitely not regret buying it now.


Pour Phoenix 2 Twitter 5.99 Euro 2.99 Euro
Scanner D Documents Mobile (MDScan) + OCR 4.09 0.99
WiFi Test (No Advertising) – Who uses my WiFi? 2.09 Euro 0.99 Euro
Who Uses My WiFi (Advertising) – WiFi Scanner 2.09 Euro 0.99 Euro
WiFi Signal Indicator (No Advertising) – WiFi Scanner 2.09 Euro 0.99 Euro
HTTP redirect trail 4,69 € 1,79
Metadox Analyzer 4,69 1,99
Copy file remover (no ad) 2.09 Euro 0.99 Euro
BT for glasses and VR headset. 7.99 Euro 3.89 Euro
ColEm Deluxe – Complete ColcoVision prototype 4.99 euros 2.99 euros

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Almost gone 3.99 Euro 1.99 Euro
Escapes: Prison break 5.49 euros 1.29 euros
Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout 7.99 euros 1.89 euros
OVIVO – Black and White Platform Game 1.29 Euro 0.69 Euro
Anteventer: Point and Click Adventure 1,99 0.99
Muscle Princess 1.79 euros 0.89 euros
Protec 4.39 euros 1.09 euros
Benarium 2,29 0.79
Flockers 1.69 Euro 0.69 Euro
Anteventer: Point and Click Adventure 1,99 0.99
Spitkis 2,29 € 1,19
Death in Bermuda 4.99 euros 2.99 euros
R-Type II 1,99 0.79
A normal lost phone 2.99 euros 1.79 euros
Bury my love 3.49 euros 1.99 euros
Another phone lost: Laura’s story 2.99 Euro 1.39 Euro
Small big adventure 4.99 Euro 1.99 Euro
Rayton’s legacy 4.99 Euro 1.99 Euro
Wonder Boy: Dragon Trap 8.99 Euro 4.69 Euro
Chronicles Ys 1 4.99 Euro 1.99 Euro
Ys Chronicles II 4.99 Euro 1.99 Euro
Sanatorium 3.99 Euro 1.69 Euro
The Adventures of the Bank 3.99 Euro 1.69 Euro
Double Dragon trilogy 2.99 Euro 1.19 Euro
Alien 3.99 Euro 1.59 Euro
Binary Fun Number: Number Computer Pro 3.39 Euro 0.99 Euro
Space Hobo 4.49 Euro Free
Assassination 3: Insurgents 2,29 0.59
9th Dawn III RPG 9.49 Euro 5.49 Euro
Icewind Tale: Updated Version 10.99 Euro 4.59 Euro
Door knockers 3.69 Euro 0.99 Euro
Vodopanga Pro 1.89 euros 0.89 euros
Achicaps Pro 1.89 euros 0.89 euros
Flendoro Pro 1.89 euros 0.89 euros
7 Days: Offline Mystery Puzzle Interactive Novel 4,09 1,13


Vera Icon Pack 1.79 Euro 0.99 Euro
Alexis Icon Pack: Clean and minimal 1.69 euros 0.59 euros
Pixley Sewing – Back D’Cinnes 1,99 0.99
MIU! 12 Unlimited – Icon Pack 1,99 0.99
FluOxygen – Icon Pack 1,99 0.99
Pixly Galaxy – Icon Pack 1,99 0.99
Pixley Square – A collection of icons 1,99 0.99
Dark Pixel – Icon Pack 1,99 0.99
Beeline Icon Pack 1,89 0.59
Bushon – Icon Pack 1,59 0,59
Linear Icon Pack: LineX 1,99 0.69
Galaxy X – Icon Pack 1,99 0.99
Oxygen Circle – Icon Pack 1,99 0.99
FluOxygen – Icon Pack 1,99 0.99

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Extra offers?

After those free apps, if our division is not good enough on Fridays, we can keep up to date with the best deals on all operating systems from our colleagues at Applesfera and Sadaka Mavil. You can also find great prices for mobiles and jewelry in our hunting deals today.

We remind you that ideas are always the same You can add any Google Play deals you find open. See you next week if you want more. Good weekend everyone!

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