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"Four lights, this is an alien spacecraft."  Stunning images of NASA video camera - Libero Codidiano

“Four lights, this is an alien spacecraft.” Stunning images of NASA video camera – Libero Codidiano

We are talking UFO, But it means aliens. Now the “document” is cleared by customs: and more Barack Obama, The former president of the United States for 8 years, confirmed that unidentified flying objects were spotted by top officials US Navy Anxiety “Indescribable Movements and Paths”. American politics is beginning to take the matter more seriously, no longer the “imaginary” theory of euphologists and conspiracy theorists.

Every “signal” coming from the sky is used to trigger the “I am among you” scene. Finally, he explains Day, “Four lights arranged in a triangular shape” can be seen crossing the space, which does not disappear during live streaming International Space Station One, in PittoISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment. According to euphologists who follow direct attention with great care, it is no less than one Alien spacecraft.

“Four lights, this is an alien spacecraft.” Watch the video to watch

This suspicion has been raised by the very popular YouTube account UFO Cytics Daily, which has been collecting various reports on the matter for some time. Expert Scott Waring, Analyzed the clip and confirmed that “you see one” in those pictures 100% foreign“.” It’s a single object with four glowing parts – he explained – and the center front glows, which I imagine Cockpit Or part of the motivation. It’s totally unbelievable, it’s an alien spacecraft, I think it’s one hundred percent alien. “

It often happens that the UFO is not depicted by a mobile phone video camera or an amateur film camera, but “a million-dollar video camera from the space station, there is no denying how much it took,” he said. NASA The same “. Waring says that there is a” solid structure “between those four lights that has been identified by the most sophisticated software. We need to take them seriously. “

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