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carabinieri controlli

Cassette escapes to a stop, is chased by a carabiner and kills a man in the park, who is later arrested

Yesterday morning, there was a carabiner in the RAW’s radiomobile division He was arrested for resisting a public official, A 30-year-old Italian citizen, already known to police forces.

Early yesterday morning, during a routine patrol service, radiomobile patrol officers encountered a 30-year-old vehicle on the road leading to Limpit in the municipality of Chisat. Suspiciously, the army decided to stop him, but did not comply with the driving stop and continued the march until he reached it. Ideal place to allow a non-EU citizen to leave, Who was in the car as a passenger, got out of the car with a bag in hand, probably drugged.

The man who escaped on foot was able to lose his footprints in the plants of Crone Park.

The 30-year-old got a chance to get out of the car again, got into a chase with Carbineeri, and was stopped once, Opposed the identity, again and again pushed the army After a short struggle it was able to stop.

The man was detained in a security cell pending a very direct ceremony celebrated on the same day yesterday, after which his arrest was verified by a competent judicial authority.

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