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Fortnight Update 16.20 Release Time - Break Flip

Fortnight Update 16.20 Release Time – Break Flip

The Fortnight update 16.20 is coming soon, but what time is it scheduled to release?

Then Update 16.10, Which is the method of 16.20 to be used Fortnight ! Like most major updates, this will add new content to the game and will of course fix some bugs.

If we know that the update will be released in April xx 2021, At any time Does it get it right? When does maintenance begin and when do servers return online?

Fortnight update 16.20 is released at what time?

Updates on Fortnight are ongoing, adding new content and fixing existing bugs. The next patch is at 16.20, which will close on Tuesday, April 6, 2021.

Regarding the time of his departure, Maintenance will begin at 8 p.m.. The link is not yet available and you need to wait a few hours for it to be used! It is therefore not possible to declare the exact exit time, which is the result of maintenance, which determines this time.

How to download patch?

Downloading the patch is a must to play Fortnight. To download it, go to Boot Epic Game At the end of maintenance. The update will be given to you when you try to start Fortnight, or it will be downloaded automatically according to the options you have saved.

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Once downloaded, you can run Fortnight again with the new features that Patch has brought!