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Silent Hill has replaced the studio, but is still in development, says regular intern - Nerd 4. Life

Silent Hill has replaced the studio, but is still in development, says regular intern – Nerd 4. Life

The Silent Hills mentioned in the film have been canceled, but there may be a new Silent Hill in development

Silent Hill, There will still be a new chapter that will be repeated over the years in rumors In development That too Changed the team, According to the usual internal opinion that has been emphasizing this question for several months now.

Although it seems that many elements now do not support the theory that was originally formulated, it was always Kathersist, the user of the Reset Era, who brought this view of the new Silent Hill into development for some time. However, it was considered Internal It is credible as having been “verified” by the forum in question, i.e. it has provided evidence to the evaluators to justify the knowledge of certain information.

It took several months for the user in question to confidently report that a new Silent Hill was in development PS5 exclusive, In Japan Studio by Sony. The problem is that, as it is now known, the development board in question has been practically removed by the company and at least closed in its original form.

Keiziro Toyama, The author of the original Silent Hill, meanwhile he founded Bokeh Game Studios and is apparently developing a horror, so the whole construction of Catharsist is somewhat dubious at this point. However, according to locals, the project is still ongoing at Sony, but has changed the studio.

Apart from this, it is reiterated that there are various Remake de Metal Gear Solid Has been going on at Bluepoint, so these too will be exclusive to the PS5, which has been coming back for a few months now, which may do something with the latest news that it wants to outsource the license of the Konami series.

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