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fortnite punto zero

Fortnight, Punto Zero’s first issue on Amazon: Super skins as a gift

The first release of the Fortnight Punto Zero will be available on Amazon from next April 20th. A free skin

With the Fortnight Punto Zero, there is a super skin as a gift (screenshot

Not just video games. In brand Fortnight Continually expanding, from the next April 20, 2021, Which also becomes a joke. You can actually buy the first issue of Comics on Amazon, which was born out of an idea created in collaboration DC Comics e Donald Mustard D Epic Game.

A few days after the release Zero pointIt is already possible to proceed with the first exit booking, which includes a special code Get a super skin.

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Fortnight, Pundo Zero has Harley Quinn skin

fortnite emote
We’re talking about the rebirth of Harley Quinn, along with other news coming soon (Twitter screen shot)

All of the first release buyers Fortnight Punto Zero – Bookable on Amazon today – You will receive a special code to retrieve Leather de Harley Quinn rebirth. But not only that. Like the announced epic games, an aesthetic element will be added to each release, which will open in seconds Directly in the game.

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For all buyers, there is an additional gift: The Armor Batman skin, Can be retrieved with 6 codes recovered.

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