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International test ratings at a glance - a funny co-op massacre

International test ratings at a glance – a funny co-op massacre

The first test ratings for the recently released Pirate Sniper “Adiders” came with a slight delay. These give you an overview of how the latest works of People Can Fly and Square Enix are getting better in magazines. Testers refer to the PS5 version of the game. Test reports for other sites are still ongoing.

First international test ratings

PlayStation Universe (85 points) – “Adiders is a great video game that does not immerse itself in the markets and all the traditional systems we know from a live service. By positioning itself as a complete experience, with dozens of hours of content, along with diverse and deep battles, it surpasses expectations. As a result, the game manages a solid foundation of ownership that will manifest itself in the future. “

Entertainment Consoles (85 points) – “Whether alone or in multiplayer mode: Outsiders are the best moments for a fun, fast shooter. People Can Fly has the best combat dynamics and RPG components, but most of the components we see in other games feel like we’re not designed for the game” as a service “. We want to. “

Gamers Heroes (80 Punkte) – “It will be difficult for you to find another third-person shooter who has changed the formula as much as the Outer Riders. Since Gears of War, it has not only taken the genre to new heights. The fights are absolutely incredible, the classes explode with energy, the world is dark and compelling. Improves experience. “

MGG Spain (80 points) – “Outsiders may seem like a common adventure, but this is one of the best third-person shooters we’ve had recently. Wide range of enemies, shots and weapons and a few hours ahead. But its weak point is that people want to tell us stories and tales about the planet Enoch where they can fly. “

“Outer Riders” currently has one Metacore of 83 points. While the magazines are mostly unanimous, it looks a little different on the user side: although the positive ratings are higher than the positive ratings here, many players allow their frustration to run free and give the game a low score.

It is noted here that some users only mention server issues of the last few days and do not rate the actual game. We reported Saturday that Cooperative is struggling with third-party shooter server issues. As a result, some users did not enter the game or were expelled during a game. Square Enix announced that they were busy finding a solution. Now the situation seems to have improved.

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In short: will never rediscover the genre of “outliers”, but knows how to trust with fun games and dense atmosphere. Frequent cuts, on the other hand, are listed as a point of criticism, This has already been commented by the leading designer.

“Authors” was released last Thursday for the PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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