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Euro.  The commune of Frenelles-N-Vaccine informs its people in the panel pocket

Euro. The commune of Frenelles-N-Vaccine informs its people in the panel pocket

By joining the panel pocket, Alain Berto, mayor of Frenelles-en-Vex (Ure), is expanding information channels for residents.

In Commune Frenelles-n-vaccine (Your) And its mayor Alain Burdo Give more importance to communication.

Already fitted Website, A Facebook page and a service for sending compiled emails, a community that represents represented municipalities Poissment, Carney And Fresney-L. Archevic Will augment information channels aimed at its population.

Can be easily contacted

For a few days, it has been in use as well Pocket panel.

I had been thinking about it for some time. Seeing more and more municipalities in it, I decided to take the plunge. What I like is that people can always access the information they have at their fingertips on their phone. They do not need a computer, it is easy to use. With the panel pocket, unlike emails, the issue of confidentiality does not arise. There, people can download it or not, they are not asked for any personal data. You have to be careful with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Alain BurdoMayor of Frenellus-n-Vex

Filling tools

These different tools complement each other. The pocket panel is limited in number of characters, but it allows you to refer to a website that can tell you more in detail.

This is especially true for group orders of fuel oil, potatoes or masks that the municipality regularly delivers.

In ten days, the city already had 129 connected smartphones. This represents 17% of the population.

Citizens can find information about the municipality, but not Psycho, Sean Normandy Collection, Department and Province.

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